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Sheldon Peck Orthodontics is AMAZING. I got my braces off before my two year mark, which was when I was originally expected to have them on for. Sheldon is kind and the other workers are too. If you can love your orthodontics appointments, I did!

Sheldon and his employees take the best care of thier patients. They do quality work and I would not choose a different orthodontist!

Sheldon Peck Orthodontics is helping me so much as an adult with constant headaches. They discovered that my jaw misalignment was causing my muscles to constantly be tensed. Alleviating even some of that tension with corrected jaw placement already has helped — and it's only been 3 weeks! More than 15 years of constant pain has been lessoned! I've been to other orthodontists about my jaw, but he was the only one willing to look at the whole picture to see the benefits of orthodontia. I'm excited to see what the future brings.

Sheldon Peck, has been a very fun experience. I love earning points and getting rewards. when I got my braces on they didn't hurt. the staff has been very friendly.